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Sandwich Investment

Special nine (9) months Investment Plan for Sandwich Students.

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Cool Base Rate

Effective Tuesday, March 29, 2016.

Foreign Exchange Rates Monday 10th of December 2018
Currency Buying Selling
Currency Buying Selling
USD 4.6847 4.6893
GBP 6.0826 6.0895
EURO 5.4372 5.4410
CAD 3.5298 3.5328
YEN 0.7296 0.7301
CNYGHS 0.6915 0.6920
Treasury Bill Rates Monday 10th of December 2018
Period Discount Rates Interest Rates
91 - Day 12.8834% 13.3121%
182 - Day 12.9885% 13.8906%
1 - Yr Note -% 15.0000%

What Makes Us Unique


We are enthusiastic about what we do. Thus, creating the opportunity for individuals and institutions to build lasting wealth...

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We treasure our team, clients and all stakeholders. We consider it a great privilege to serve others, and therefore nurture,...

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We are openly honest, upright and discipline in our dealings with all stakeholders, especially our most valuable partner;....

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We converge and direct team effort to achieving our common organizational goal. Our efforts are consistently geared towards....

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